What to do?

  • Seek IPSC Regional Director in your country with the request on the inclusion in you the national team
  • Fill in the form and send it to your Regional Director
  • Get access to the competitor's personal account
  • If necessary, add the missing data in personal account
  • Get an invitation to Russia from us
  • You get a visa at the Russian Embassy. By the time you receive an invitation to the Embassy already informed you
  • You get permission to import firearms by e-mail
  • Fill the customs form
  • Able to buy a ticket to visit World Championship in Russia
  • Required documents

    For entry into the territory of Russia you should be with a:

  • Passport
  • A document confirming the right to own firearms
  • Invitation to World Championship
  • Permission for import of firearms
  • Filled Customs form
  • Visa (excluding countries that have visa-free regime with Russia)
  • Customs clearance

    In accordance with the customs legislation of the Russian Federation, firearms and ammunition must be declared. A sample Customs Declaration can be found in your account We are working with customs and will soon provide more information on the procedure for the declaration of firearms and ammunition for competitors. Please note that should be declared not only firearms and ammunition. More information can be found at the website of the FCS of Russia.