Kubinka May 25 – June 11 2017 Park "Patriot"

The best IPSC Rifle shooting event ever!

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3d map of Park "Patriot" with the shooting range.

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Dear participants of the Rifle World Championship 2017,

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Please send this information to burnosova@rws2017.com UNTIL APRIL 30!!! DEADLINE: 30.04!!!


Russia held the first Rifle World Championship

Multifunctional shooting center at the park "The Patriot" facility will host the first Rifle World Championship in practical shooting June 1-11 2017


June 1-11 2017 LLC «Practical Shooting Federation of Russia" (FPSR) with the participation of the Russian Government, the Russian Defense Ministry, the Ministry of Sports of Russia, Administration of Moscow Region will hold the First Rifle World Championship.

Participants and guests of the World Championship will be hosted in multifunctional shooting center of the military-patriotic recreation park of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation "Patriot" in the Moscow region. This is the first facility in the Russian which has dual purpose: it will be used for carrying out combat training of the armed forces as well as for sports competitions in shooting sports at various levels


The range meets the requirements of the International Practical Shooting Confederation: 29 bays divided into 6 sectors, 9 bays of 50 m, 20 bays of 300 m


850 best shooters of the world will compete in accuracy and speed, these fascinating matches will be watched by 20 000 spectators on the site and millions of viewers on air, remotely.

 Russia is the only country in the world which has fulfilled all the requirements for conducting a World Shoot in terms of number of bays and providing the security for the match.


In this regard, in 2013 the application for the Championship from the FPSR was accepted, and at the 37th General Assembly of the International Practical Shooting Confederation, Russia received the right to host the first World Rifle Championship in practical shooting.


Disciplines of the World Rifle Championship in practical shooting:

1) Rifle semi-automatic standard division;

2) Rifle semi-automatic open division;

 3) Rifle with manual action, standard division;

4) Rifle with a manual action, open division.



Among the participants there are sportsmen from 45 countries. For the World Cup, teams from all over the world are planning to come: Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia. Strongest national teams for practical shooting from the USA, Norway, Finland and Russia will seriously compete for gold medals.

Russia at the World Cup will be presented by 172 participants, including national team - 48 sportsmen will make 12 teams. The most outstanding representatives of the shooters, contenders for the gold medal championship, are already known to fans of shooting disciplines: Gleb Svatikov Oleg Perfil'ev Mary Schwartz, Maria Shalimova, Sergey Orlov, George Gubich, Alena Karelina and others.

Tickets for spectators will go on sale in April, they can be bought in advance on the World Championship website and in the Patriot Park. The cost of tickets will be no more than 1500 rubles, children under 16 and members of the Practical Shooting Federation will enter for free. All spectators will be provided with free glasses and earplugs.


The partners of the World Championship will be Kalashnikov Concern, Barnaul Cartridge Factory, Bank VTB, Bank Yugra; TV channels Zvezda and T24 as well as social network "Odnoklassniki" and magazine "Kalashnikov" will be informational sponsors.

Who will be the best rifle shoot in 2017? It will be shown at the World Championship. Follow our news and events on the official portal of the World Rifle Championship in practical shooting http://rws2017.com/

Time: May 28-June 11, 2017


The Military Patriotic Park of Culture and Recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Patriot, located on the 55th km of the M-1 highway (Minskoe Highway)

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Championship Calendar

Seminars and pre-match

IROA Level ll Rifle seminar

28.05.2017 08:00 – 17:00

IROA first aid seminar

29.05.2017 08:00 – 17:00

Pre-match registration and gun check

30.05.2017 08:00 – 19:00

Pre-match registration and ammunition check

31.05.2017 08:00 – 19:00


01-03.06.2017 08:00 – 19:00

Main Match

Match registration and gun check

03.06.2017 08:00 – 19:00

Match registration and gun check

04.06.2017 08:00 – 13:00

Opening Ceremony

04.06.2017 13:00 – 14:00

Main Match

05-10.06.2017 08:00 – 19:00


11.06.2017 09:00 – 14:00

Closing Ceremony

11.06.2017 18:00 – 22:00

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