Information about the park "Patriot"

Address: 55 km along Minskoye Road, Odintsovo, Moscow Region.

GPS coordinates: 55.582419, 36.834748

The park "Patriot" was opened in June 16, 2015 and became the place of the most significant events of the patriotic and sports orientation.

At the disposal of visitors of the park is a huge landscaped area (5000 hectares), a modern congress and exhibition center, the center of tactical games, guerrilla village and many other objects.

In 2017 will open the shooting range of the "Patriot" Park, which will be the first object of the Ministry of Defence, where the civilians can shoot regularly. Firing Center consists of 32 shooting galleries with shooting distance from 50 to 1400 meters and with all necessary elements for shooting competitions and training infrastructure.

In the unanimous assessment of the shooting range "Patriot" park experts to be the best shooting range in the world, available to civilian competitors, and the first international competition, held on it will be the Rifle World championship 2017.

3d map of Park "Patriot" with the shooting range.

3D map

Building shooting range