06/28/2017 02:40:11 pm
Shoot-Off results

Published Shoot-Off results
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06/19/2017 01:18:37 pm
Practical shooting (video)

Practical shooting. "Часовой". Release from 18.06.2017.
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06/19/2017 09:03:47 am
Final results of the Rifle World Championship

Dear shooters, we are publishing the FINAL results of the Rifle World Championship
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06/11/2017 10:59:44 am
Closing ceremony

Today, June 11, at 18:00 in the pavilion B will be the closing ceremony ...
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06/11/2017 12:12:24 am

Dear shooters, we are publishing the shoot-off list (download PDF).
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06/10/2017 09:59:47 pm
Verifications FINAL

Dear shooters, we are publishing the FINAL verifications
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06/10/2017 05:25:29 pm

Dear shooters, we are publishing the verifications download PDF
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06/10/2017 12:23:14 pm
Final lists of the teams

Lists of the teams are published
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06/09/2017 03:45:41 pm
Interim results

Here you can see Rifle World Shoot interim results
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06/08/2017 12:26:50 pm
Information for the participants

Information for the participants of the World Championship leaving Russia
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06/08/2017 08:57:43 am
First rifle world championship

В подмосковном парке «Патриот» стартовал первый чемпионат мира по практической стрельбе из карабина.

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06/10/2017 05:28:44 pm
Welcoming speech by Kirienko S.V.

I wholeheartedly welcome participants and organizers of the first IPSC Rifle World Championship.
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06/04/2017 02:11:50 am
Attention attention!

No entering with firearms!
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05/31/2017 01:52:51 pm
Long-awaited briefings have been published!

Long-awaited briefings have been published!
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05/31/2017 07:05:27 am
Squadding pre-match and main match (update)

Pre-match and main match squadding has been published
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05/30/2017 01:59:36 pm
Increased security measures

Due to the FIFA Confederations Cup security measures have been increased
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05/29/2017 05:46:16 pm
Remind competitors

IPSC Rifle World Shoot will start very soon! There are some news we would like to share with you.
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05/27/2017 09:59:41 am
Company TACTEC

Comming soon
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05/26/2017 12:09:54 pm

In process
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05/26/2017 12:13:13 pm
Champion's firearm

In process
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